Mission Statement

We provide single source sleep disorders management to help our clients improve employee health and reduce loss-making healthcare usage. We are improving quality of life while making it easier for our clients to thrive.

Integrated OSA Management Program

Aeon Sleep Group has packaged a scalable, comprehensive and competitively priced suite of services for commercial organizations where employee health and wellness directly affects safety, productivity and profit.

AEON Sleep Group provides a single-source solution for obstructive sleep apnea including:

  • Free Screening and diagnostic testing
  • Treatment, compliance coaching and support
  • Health outcomes and results tracking
  • A variety of delivery options determined by client needs
  • Minimal or no employee time away from work
  • The latest in diagnostic and treatment technology

We provide all required testing hardware and software as well as CPAP device sales/fitting, training, education, follow-up and compliance tracking for OSA treatment

Our web-based platform allows easy access for employees to begin the screening and diagnosis process as well as user friendly portals for corporate customers to track progress and to view outcomes data.

AEON also offers sleep testing and treatment services in the trucking industry for Independent owner-operators that are under-insured or uninsured. Our quick turn-around times for results and treatment keep drivers on the road and we handle the documentation needed for DOT (Department of Transportation) certification.

The proprietary OmniProTM PSG data collection system is available exclusively to Aeon at one third the cost of similar commercially available systems. This gives Aeon an enormous cost advantage that we pass on to our corporate and individual clients.

Aeon Sleep Group’s Integrated OSA Management Program helps commercial clients to:

  • Reduce Costs and Healthcare Utilization
  • Increase Safety and Reduce Liability
  • Improve Employee Health and Productivity